Most Paid Accoutants

The profession of accounting is very interesting because in this profession an individual will get a chance to handle the financial situation and accounting matters of other companies. This profession is really tough and when it comes to handling the accounting matters of any size of companies so there are a lot of complications and complex situations in which an individual has to handle and manage in a proper way.

The scope of accountants in the UK is very common nowadays and you can see there are different individuals as well as companies are providing the services to small, medium and large scale businesses in terms of handling all of their accounts department, financial matters, government, and legal matters, taxation and company advisors etc.

Some of the individuals are search for jobs individually after completing their qualification and work as a full-time for the company as an accountant. But now the business owners are focusing on outsourcing the accounting expert to manage their accounts department and other matters. Some of the individuals visit few days in a week and some come and work regularly as per required according to the workload of the company.

There are different categories of accountants in UK and all of these professionals are providing the services to different compares on different levels. These professionals are also getting a handsome salary and the amount which they earn depends on their qualification and work experience. All of the professionals have different job responsibilities according to their job designation and work experience and that is what decided their pay scale.

Highest Paid Accountants

Some of the jobs of accountants in UK get the highest pay and the pay scale and responsibilities changes according to the job designation and experience you have got. Let’s have a look at some of the highest paid accounting jobs in the UK as well as their job responsibilities as well.

Finance Director

The pay of Finance Director is 82,222.

Job Responsibilities of the Finance Director

The finance director does not only work on handling the finance of the company and try to make things run perfectly but they also have to work on the business growth that the business must earn the profit every month.
He is responsible for if the company is facing loss or profit and he has to make different strategies for business to earn profit and success in the business.
He has to make new strategies and do planning, analysis on the facts and figures, find out the ways of implementation of that strategy, taking important decisions and giving recommendations for applying any new method or strategy for bringing the growth and success in the business.